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Saki is living happily with her beloved husband. Her husband always loves and cares for her, so Saki has a very happy life. But recently she always feels like someone is peeking at her, the photo hanging in the house suddenly disappeared. Especially when the door lock is broken, calling a technician to fix it only to run out of parts, it takes a week to fix it. That made Saki feel extremely worried and insecure. And what she feared the most happened, on the day of ovulation, because she forgot to close the door so she hurried back. Suddenly, a masked man attacked Saki from behind. Her strength could not resist him, so Saki could only beg in despair, watching him "invade" her chance. her beautiful, plump body, ejaculating all the way inside her womb! This guy also took pictures of the two people's lovemaking process and threatened to post it online if Saki revealed it. Every day I was worried because that man ejaculated into my uterus, but luckily Saki's menstruation is still regular, she feels a little more secure. Since that time, a month has passed but that guy has not appeared again. Just when Saki was trying to forget everything, that masked man appeared again, on the same day. her ovulation. He continued to fuck her, ejaculating all over her uterus and then leaving again. And so, once a month, he appeared and impregnated her. Saki always wondered who this mysterious man was who always brought her a feeling of fear mixed with joy. ? And then when he talked to her, she immediately recognized his voice, it was the guy who fixed the lock for her house before!!!

SY-193 Sex addicted woman and strange men
 Movie Code: SY-193 
 Movie Studio: